Sylvie ReynaertClaristicks (+Online Audio)

pour clarinette en si b et percussion

Reynaert, Sylvie

Claristicks (+Online Audio)

pour clarinette en si b et percussion

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Claristicks is a set of eight duets for Bb clarinet and percussion.
While our aim is educational, it is also and above all artistic. We are eager
to promote a musical dialogue between the clarinet and the many percussion
instruments (marimba, vibraphone, toms, timpani and various accessories) and
enhance the performers listening experience as their respective roles are
well balanced with a view to create a real duo.
The pieces are perfectly adapted to performance in class / chamber music
concerts (from C2 level onward). They are also appropriate for original,
transversal cross-department projects. The two instrumental classes may thus
initiate a series of joint realizations and share a long-time collaboration.
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