Patrick ConwayIrish Music and Ballads for Tin

Whistle vol.2

Conway, Patrick

Irish Music and Ballads for Tin

Whistle vol.2

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Soodlum's irish Tin Whistle Tutor
The Wild Rover

Planxty Irwin

The Shores of Amerikay

Roddy McCorley

The Minstrel Boy

I'll tell me ma
Sally Garden
Love is teasin'
Dicey Reilly
The Galway Shawl
The last Rose of Summer
Whiskey in the Jar
The Curragh of Kildare
The golden Jubilee
The spanish Lady
The Galway Races
The Coulin
Maid in a Garrett
The Butcher Boy

The Bonny Boy

The Kerry Recruit

The Rising of the Moon

Si Beag si mor

The Boys of blue Hill

Dumphy's Hornpipe

The Harvest Home
The Greencastle
The Liverpool Hornpipe
St. Patrick's Day
Life is all chequered
Haste to the Wedding
Smash the Windows
The Tenpenny Bit
Miss McLeod's Reel
Drowsy Maggie
The merry Blacksmith
The flowing Bowl

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