Music in Martin Luther's Theology

Music in Martin Luther's Theology

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Refo500 Academic Studies (R5AS)
The present study aims to analyse the impact of Luthers theology on his
thoughts about music. It limits itself to an analysis of the topic by
focusing on the three most important statements of Luther about music in his
unfinished treatise [On Music]. The first statement is that music is a
gift of God and not of man, second, music creates joyful soul, and third,
music drives away the devil. The relation between these three statements to
each other and to Luthers theology in general can be understood in connection
with his personal experiences and commitments to music, which were
undergirded by his theology. Luther, as a man of medieval times, took for
granted the existence of the devil, and many of his writings contained
frequent references to the personal attacks of the devil, where it influenced
his thoughts about music.

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