Barbara ErtlMagic Tones vol.1 (+2 CD's)

for soprano recorder (en)

Ertl, Barbara

Magic Tones vol.1 (+2 CD's)

for soprano recorder (en)

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 EAN: 9790201309248
VerlagsartikelNr..: VHR3617ECD
Verlag: VHR Alfons Holzschuh Musikverlag

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Blockflötenschule Schule
Jede Menge Flötentöne
A fun new Way to learn the Descant Recorder
Whispering speech
The treble clef
Where the notes live
Short or long?
The dos and don'ts
The notes a' and c''
The note d''
The note g'
The note b'
The note e'
Which go together?
The note d'
The note c'
Sound trails
More sound trails
The note f'
At a glance

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